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Craftsmanship, Quality, Style, Function; these are just some of the words that describe the homes and renovations completed by David Stoner & Son. Through the years we have gained the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to take on projects of all sizes and levels of detail. We specialize in creating dramatic focal points in rooms that grab attention and add a personalized touch.

David Stoner & Son has been in business for over 35 years. These years of experience are the driving force behind the high quality results we produce. While our focus has been the Greater Hartford area, we have ventured to Fairfield and Litchfield counties and are willing to meet and discuss your project, building anywhere in Connecticut.

Our principal objective is to work closely with our client and together, create a home that not only we as a company are proud of, but most importantly, build a home that meets their needs and reflects their unique tastes and personality. Regardless of a client’s budget, we strive to create the highest quality result in every David Stoner & Son home.

Whether building a starter home for a first time buyer or the detailed mansion of your dreams, David Stoner & Son has the expertise and ability to construct enduring quality and timeless beauty. We guarantee, that regardless of a client's budgets or the size of the project, we will approach every project with the same passion, dedication and commitment that have become the staple of our company.

This same commitment applies to renovations. We understand the importance of accomplishing our clients’ objectives and specifications. We work together with your architect or ours and can offer suggestions derived from our years of experience, as to how best to accommodate your goal. We will work together to create a work schedule that can accommodate your family and work life. We are on job site daily to maintain cleanliness, respect for property and ensure your family privacy.

We look forward to working with you and hope we can provide you the comfort, peace of mind and trust that we provided successfully to more than 700 home owners over the last 35 years. Give us a call at (860) 679-5254, and let’s talk!