14 Ely Rd. Farmington

Choosing David and Ben Stoner to build our house was by far the best decision we have ever made. We had been planning and envisioning our dream home for years. At first, we were looking to build in a new development and even met with a few other builders. However, we just couldn't find the right tot or the right builder. We had come across this 2~acre lot along the ridge of a mountain a few months prior to meeting David, but were scared off by all the unknowns regarding trying to build on a sloping lot with no city services. After meeting David, and walking the lot along with his engineer (in three feet of snow no less!) our fears were extinguished. He immediately started digging for the answers Ere needed. A few days, multiple coils, and many emails later, we had everything we needed to make our decision. We were so confident in David's abilities to build on this lot that we immediately made an otter and 3 weeks later closed on our land. The amazing thing is, that all of this took place before we even had plans drawn up, or a signed contract with David. in tact, David probably put a hundred hours of work into our project prior to ever discussing a contract or payment.

David's reputation as a builder is stellar, and it seemed that everyone that we asked had the same thing to say ~- he builds incredible homes, with over-the-top trim carpentry, and he stands behind his work. On most days that would have been enough torus, however upon ending our initial consultation with David and Ben, they handed us a list of over 50 references. These were people that we could not only call. but who would welcome us into their homes to see their work. We actually met with and walked through two homes, and each of the families had the some things to say, and they were incredibly pleased with their beautiful new homes. As soon as we had our plans drawn up and agreed on a price, we signed our contract and hit the ground running.

Right from the start, we were impressed with David and Ben's level of commitment to our project. That commitment. combined with a high level of professionalism and expertise, was'exactly what we were looking tor in a builder. Good communication between a builder and client is imperative when building a home. David and Ben both exceeded our expectations. We would email them a question and the next thing you knew, the phone was ringing with an answer. They were extremely patient and never seemed bothered by our never-ending questions.

From the day we broke ground through the day we moved in, everything seemed to go very smoothly. the entire building process was pretty incredible. One of us stopped by the house almost daily and met all of the subcontractors. most of which had been working for David for 10-20 years. They all knew the level of craftsmanship David and Ben demanded and were up for the challenge. it was amazing watching them all work together. On most days there were 2-3 entire crews of guys working on the house simultaneously. the whole thing was perfectly orchestrated, planned and timed. David originally said it would take about 6 months to complete the house, with a one month buffer in case we ran into any problems, and he was tight on the money. We broke ground in June and moved in on January 22nd.

We had heard from more than one person that building a house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. However, if you hire the right builder, one who has been doing it right for decades, it is one of the best and most rewarding experiences that you can have. The only thing we had to worry about throughout the whole project was picking everything out, which was also streamlined by David and Ben. They gave us a list at everything we needed to pick out, a timeline to have it done by, and a list of amazing contacts to help us with our choices. We loved every part of it!

One of the things that impressed us the most about working with David and Ben was that they not only cared about the work being done. but they actually cared about us, and our satisfaction. On multiple occasions we would receive texts on a Friday night or a weekend, asking us if we were happy with the way the house was turning out, and the answer was always YES! When we would meet at the house with David and Ben to go over things, we could see them both just stand back and look at our house with pride and excitement.

Ultimately we ended up with the house of our dreams. From the beautiful trim carpentry inside and out, to the custom cabinetry, to the gorgeous wood floors and tile work, everything was done to the highest of standards. We have been living here for over 2 months now, and there is not a single thing we would have done differently. Each step of the way. David and Ben were there guiding us and offering their expert opinions or advice. There are aspects of the house that came out even better than what we had imagined. David likes to joke with us that in some cases, mainly the interior trim carpentry, we didn't even know what we were getting". He was right - we are stilt in awe of how everything turned out. it's truly been a blessing not only to be able to do something like this, but to have had such an amazing experience doing it, From the bottom of our hearts we thank you David and Ben Stoner tor building us our dream home!

Melissa and Michael Koster

David and Ben,

We are writing to you to sincerely thank you for building our Dream House. We are grateful for your expertise, advice and attention to detail. Our house is everything we could have imagined and then some.

Knowing what we know now about building a house, we are so thankful that our real estate agent referred you to us.

Even before we signed the contract with you, you were good enough to make the trip out to the Route 9 corridor, with your engineer we might add, to help us size up the potential lots available; traveling as far as Essex to look for a viable lot. We are appreciative of the effort and found a lot that was perfect for us. Having a trade professional there to advise us was invaluable. A true mark of "client service."

Your process of estimating the cost to build was very detailed and accurate. It was comforting to know that thought and communication to the actual trades went into estimating each line item. This really made for less surprises (really no surprises) in the end.

Both of you were great to work with and very patient as we went through countless architect plan changes, bank financing issues, more plan changes, but finally we put the shovel in the ground!

We broke ground in February and you delivered the house to us 3 weeks early at the end of September. Throughout the process, you were both very good about explaining the next steps and answering our many questions, even our countless emails — some at 5:00 am!

Each subcontractor that you use is equally as skilled and professional. Also, they all had great things to say about working for you. We were very impressed by this.

You take a huge amount of pride in what you build and are of the mindset that your name is everything, which in our minds is crucial.

Construction is not perfect, we know that. When an issue did arise that was unforeseen, you did the right thing and took responsibility for the solution.

We hear horror stories from people who have built houses, on TV shows, etc. and how horrible and financially devastating the building process can be. We can honestly say that we experienced none of that. The process was open, honest and very professional. We would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who is thinking of building a house. If we ever wanted to build another house, we would not dream of going anywhere else.

Thanks again,
Steve + Vanessa Prigionieri

Stoner Construction

If you have heard horror stories about building a home then you will understand why we feel so fortunate to have had our home built by David Stoner & Son. We just moved into our new Stoner Built home and because of our experience, offered to write this testimonial for David's use.

From start to finish, working with Dave and his son, Ben, was a very positive experience. We knew at each phase of construction what to expect and when to expect it. David and Ben responded in less than 24 hours to any questions, and usually responded within the hour. Dave told us when construction would start and when it would be completed. Even with an unprecedented winter storm, that shut down much of Connecticut for better than a week, David finished our home on time.

About the time we broke ground, David provided a list of vendors with their contact information and the dates by which we would need to select tile, counter tops, fixtures, carpet, appliances, paint and the like. Each vendor was clearly an expert in their particular product or service, and their advice was very helpful. Even with construction being complete and all the bills paid, these vendors have been responsive to our requests when we have found small things that needed repair or replacing. We also received preferred pricing from these vendors as Dave passed his builder's discount along to us, allowing us to buy at his cost.

Through it all, we had the sense that David would do for us whatever we wanted. He would voice his opinion and explain the pro's and con's of our requests, but in the end, he always did what we asked, and has left us with a beautiful, well constructed home. This experience has been our pleasure and we are grateful for David's honesty, integrity and expertise.

Jay & Sue Vincent

Last Summer, after looking throughout the West Hartford area for a new home, our real estate agent mentioned David Stoner & Son and brought me to see one of his custom homes in Farmington. l didn't need to search any further,- l fell in love with their homes. My husband and i decided to build a custom home with David Stoner and Son in Sweetheart Mountain, Canton. This neighborhood is so organically laid out, the houses are given ample space and the drive home is so beautiful, with a park, trees, ponds and so much natural beauty surrounding, you forget you're in a neighborhood.

From the materials used to the vendors, subcontractors and services negotiated by David and Ben Stoner, the homes that are built are exceptional in quality. In working with David and Ben, as well as with their team, it became clear how prestigious and widely respected they are in the area. Each of the vendors that Stoner uses support this assertion, being of talent, precision and ease to work with... which speaks to the rapport they've established working with David and Ben through the years.

The unique craftsmanship he puts into each home is what really sets his work apart from his competitors. Stoner's custom design is well thought out from a functional perspective. Details such as floor plan layout, space in each room, allowing for more focus in areas that are "lived in" such as the family room, laundry room, and kitchen, mudroom - where families gather.

Due to our family having to relocate from out of state, Ben and David were extremely patient and helpful to us in coming up with a manageable schedule to make decisions on the construction of the house. Throughout the construction process, both were very responsive to returning phone calls, even after moving into the home. They went above and beyond the call of duty, putting us in contact with a moving company and interior Designer!

Not a day has gone by since moving into our home that I haven't felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Kindest regards,
Brad and Angie Nutter
6 Sweetheart Mountain

We are now proud owners of a beautiful home built by David Stoner and Son. We bought their home after seeing many other new homes in the area because of its great quality and location.

In the frustrating process of selecting the final finishes we felt as thought we could always count on David and Ben. it was a great relief to know that our builder was watching out for our own personal interests as well as his own. David and Ben are amazingly reliable, reachable, or if unavailable, dependable and consistent about returning calls. David and Ben don't just build a home and move to the next. Our home is a point of personal pride to them and it shows in the quality of service we received, and even more important in the construction of the home itself.

Thank you very much for your service and support David and Ben, We are very glad to have worked with you. We are very proud of our home. Please feel free to contact us at any time should you wish to show it to your clients.

Best Regards,